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Turn your dedication into gifts.

With Commerce Duniya, it's easy to get rewarded for being loyal to the community. From building a whooping 8000 points to get 3G USB dongle to making your first free recharge (1,000 Credits), the rewards are as real as the fun. Join today and get credit for your commitment to the commerce & law community.

You enjoy, we reward.

To understand the scorecard system better, here we provide you with the scores pattern:

How to convert Forum Points into Gifts?

  pointstep   When you’ve racked up at least 1,000 Rewards Credits, whether on Commerce Duniya, they’ll be converted into gift. Every time a New Commerce Duniya Member achieve the base points, he/she can claim exclusive gift hamper.

Level 1: 1000 credits-

Pen & Diary / Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge

Level 2: 1500 credits-

Customised T-Shirt/ Movie Ticket

Level 3: 2000 credits-

32 GB Pen Drive / Memory Card

Level 4: 5000 credits-

MP3 Player

Level 5: 8000 credits-


Other than that, all the members who achieve 500 points will get a compilmentary calendar on new year. Once you encash your credits for gift, you balance credit will be zero. So, you have the choice to either go with less credit gift or the bigger one.  
 *conditions apply