Download Important Questions June 2018 of B.Com- IGNOU


This forum topic is dedicated completely for IGNOU- BCom Annual Exam June 2018. You can download questions which we think are important for June 2018 exam of BCom. Important Questions for June 2018 exam BCom IGNOU.

These are just guess questions on the basis of previous papers of IGNOU BCom exam. You can also point out if you think other topics are also important. And if you have any query on any type, feel free to comment it below.

Important Questions for June 2018 exam:

ECO-1: Business Organisation

ECO-2: Accountancy-I

ECO-3: Management Theory

ECO-5: Mercantile Law

ECO-6: Economic Theory

ECO-7: Elements of Statistics

ECO-8: Company Law

ECO-9: Money, Banking & Financial Institutions

ECO-10: Elements of Costing

ECO-11: Elements of Income Tax

ECO-12: Elements of Auditing

ECO-13: Business Environment

ECO-14: Accountancy-II