An insight into Foss v Harbottle (1843) case

Rule in Foss v Harbottle is a leading English precedent in corporate law. According to this rule, the shareholders have no separate cause of action in law for any wrongs which may have been inflicted upon a corporation. The rule is named after the 1843 case in which it was developed.

Bacha Gazdar v. CIT

The plaintiff (Mrs Guzdar) received certain amounts as dividend in respect of shares held by her in a tea company. Under the Indian Income-tax...

Pramatha Nath Sanyal v Kali Kumar Dutt Case

In Pramatha Nath Sanyal Vs Kali Kumar Dutt, an advertisement was inserted in a newspaper stating, “Some shares are still available for sale according...

Difference between stock and shares

Stock and shares, although used sometimes as synonym, are different in meaning. Some of the differences between the two are as below:

FCGL Industries Ltd. Case

The shares of M/s FCGL Industries Limited were listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchange. The scrip of FCGL was traded only...

Sparkline Mercantile Co Pvt. Ltd. v. SEBI

The Adjudicating Officer found that the appellant, in collusion with certain brokers and clients, had executed synchronized trades on the Bombay Stock Exchange in...

Doctrine of Undisclosed Principal

Undisclosed Principal is a concept covered under law of Agency. Undisclosed Principal is a person who acts through an agent for the purpose of any negotiations with the third party, without his identity being disclosed. The third party does not know about the existence of such principal and deems the agent as if he is acting for himself. In other words, the third party considers the agent to be the principal.

Shareholders & members as per Companies Act

For a Company, there is very thin line between Members and Shareholders. Often they are used interchangeable, but they have various differences.

Dahiben Umedbhai Patel And Others vs Norman James

Since the shares of private limited company are not freely transferable therefore it does not come under the purview of SCRA as the purpose...
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