Dahiben Umedbhai Patel And Others vs Norman James

Since the shares of private limited company are not freely transferable therefore it does not come under the purview of SCRA as the purpose...

N. Narayanan v. Adjudicating Officer, SEBI

SEBI noticed that the company had committed serious irregularities in its books of accounts and showed inflated profits and revenues in the financial statements and...

Rose Valley Real Estate & Construction Ltd.Vs.Union of IndiaROS

Rose Valley Case Summary: The SEBI had initiated a process of inquiry in year 2010. It was alleged in such notice, addressed to the second...

Independent Director as per Companies Act 2013

Independent director means a person other than an executive officer or employee of the company or any other individual having a relationship which, in the opinion of the issuer's board of  directors  would  interfere  with  the  exercise  of independent judgment

Shareholders & members as per Companies Act

For a Company, there is very thin line between Members and Shareholders. Often they are used interchangeable, but they have various differences.

Rakesh Agarwal v SEBI- A case on Insider Trading

The concept of Insider Trading in India started fermenting in the 80’s and 90’s and came to be known and observed extensively in the Indian Securities market.

Sparkline Mercantile Co Pvt. Ltd. v. SEBI

The Adjudicating Officer found that the appellant, in collusion with certain brokers and clients, had executed synchronized trades on the Bombay Stock Exchange in...

Tata Tea Ltd. v. SEBI Case

Mount Everest Mineral Water Limited was the target company and Mr. Vinod Sethi and Foresight Holdings Private Limited were its promoters. Tata Tea had...

B.O.I. Finance Ltd. v. Custodian and Ors'

In this Audio discussion, we will discuss two case laws, BOI Finance Ltd vs. Custodian & ors and Bhagwati Developers Pvt Ltd vs. Peerless General Finance & Investment Company Limited and Anr:

Basics of Tax- Determination of Residential Status

The Residential Status of an Individual is to be determined on the basis of period of stay of the taxpayer in India and is computed...
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