Pramatha Nath Sanyal v Kali Kumar Dutt Case

In Pramatha Nath Sanyal Vs Kali Kumar Dutt, an advertisement was inserted in a newspaper stating, “Some shares are still available for sale according...

Explain the term 'Negotiation back'

Negotiation back‟ is a process under which an endorsee comes again into possession of the instrument in his own right. Where a bill is re-endorsed to a previous endorser, he has no remedy against the intermediate parties

Basics of Tax- Determination of Residential Status

The Residential Status of an Individual is to be determined on the basis of period of stay of the taxpayer in India and is computed...

B.O.I. Finance Ltd. v. Custodian and Ors'

In this Audio discussion, we will discuss two case laws, BOI Finance Ltd vs. Custodian & ors and Bhagwati Developers Pvt Ltd vs. Peerless General Finance & Investment Company Limited and Anr:

Shiromani Sugar Mills Ltd. vs Debi Prasad

Article 131 laid down that: "All acts done by any committee of Directors or by any person acting as a Director shall, notwithstanding that...

N. Narayanan v. Adjudicating Officer, SEBI

SEBI noticed that the company had committed serious irregularities in its books of accounts and showed inflated profits and revenues in the financial statements and...

A.K. Menon v. Fairgrowth Financial Services

The Petitioners claim that they are the sole and absolute owners and entitle to full right, title and interest in respect of 17% Nuclear...

An insight into Foss v Harbottle (1843) case

Rule in Foss v Harbottle is a leading English precedent in corporate law. According to this rule, the shareholders have no separate cause of action in law for any wrongs which may have been inflicted upon a corporation. The rule is named after the 1843 case in which it was developed.

Samir C Arora Vs. SEBI case

In this case, SEBI conducted investigations into the management, conduct and other affairs of the Alliance Capital Asset Management (I) Pvt. Ltd. (ACAML). Samir...

Riya Travels and Tours India Pvt. Ltd v. CESTAT

Riya Travels and Tours India Pvt. Ltd v. CESTAT Case Brief: The assessee "Riya Travels and Tours India Pvt. Ltd." is engaged in the business...
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