BSHF-101 Important Questions- IGNOU June 2018 exam


You can download Most Important Questions/ Guess Questions of BSHF- 101 course for June 2018 exam from here. Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences or popularly called as BSHF-101/ FHS is a common paper of various courses of IGNOU. Student always find it difficult to find the important question papers. It is advisable to students to go through below important questions so that they will get exact idea that what is important for exam purpose.

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BSHF 101 Study Material of IGNOU

Block-1 Human Beings and Social Development: An Approach
Scientific Approach to the Study of Human Beings
Evolution of Humankind
Social Change and Evolution
Block-2 Stages of a Evolution
Domestication of Animals and Origins of Agriculture
River-Valley Civilisation
Feudal Societies
Renaissance and Reformation.
Industrial Revolution
Block-3 Emergence of Independent India
Characteristics of Indian Economy: Pre-Colonial and Colonial
Indian National Movement-I
Indian National Movement-II
Values of the Indian National Movement.
Block-4 Problems of Economic Development
Development Goals and Issues
Need for Planned Economic Development
Planning strategies-I
Planning strategies-II
Population and Development
Block-5 National Integration
Problems of National Unity: A Colonial Heritage
Problems of National Unity: Cast and Tribe
Problems of National Unity: Regional Imbalances
Multi Religious Society: The Secular Principle
Block-8 India and the World
The Struggle for Freedom Against Colonialism and Racism
The Struggle for Freedom Against Contemporary Forms of Domination
Problems of Peace in a Nuclear World
Our Ecosystem and the Threats to it
Science, Scientific Method and Promotion of Scientific Temper