How Vivaldi is different from other browsers


Vivaldi is the brainchild of Jon Von Tetzchner the creator of the Opera browser. Vivaldi makes no qualms about the fact that it aims for the ‘power’ user. It even goes with the tagline: Powerful and Personal.

Imagine a world where you get notified for a new email or web notification through a light bulb

Vivaldi has added Hue light controls to its upstart desktop browser. With the latest version, 1.5, you can now link your smart bulbs under the “Theme” settings page. Select which lights Vivaldi should control and you’ll then get an intriguing light show — specifically, the bulbs will illuminate automatically depending on the “color of the web.”

Synchronising the colours of the web with the physical surrounding, essentially also means that users will be able to know about the Facebook notifications with the change in lights of a room.

Vivaldi’s Sync service will allow users to synchronise passwords, history, setting and more. The browser also allows customisation of the user interface like the theme, address bar etc. The best part is, the updates will be delta updates which mean instead of downloading the entire software again, just the upgrades will be downloaded. You will also be able to view multiple websites side by side on its web panel.

There’s also a new reader mode button in the address bar, making it simpler to activate the browser’s cleaner web experience.