BSHF 101 Study Material of IGNOU

Block-1 Human Beings and Social Development: An Approach
Scientific Approach to the Study of Human Beings
Evolution of Humankind
Social Change and Evolution
Block-2 Stages of a Evolution
Domestication of Animals and Origins of Agriculture
River-Valley Civilisation
Feudal Societies
Renaissance and Reformation.
Industrial Revolution
Block-3 Emergence of Independent India
Characteristics of Indian Economy: Pre-Colonial and Colonial
Indian National Movement-I
Indian National Movement-II
Values of the Indian National Movement.
Block-4 Problems of Economic Development
Development Goals and Issues
Need for Planned Economic Development
Planning strategies-I
Planning strategies-II
Population and Development
Block-5 National Integration
Problems of National Unity: A Colonial Heritage
Problems of National Unity: Cast and Tribe
Problems of National Unity: Regional Imbalances
Multi Religious Society: The Secular Principle
Block-8 India and the World
The Struggle for Freedom Against Colonialism and Racism
The Struggle for Freedom Against Contemporary Forms of Domination
Problems of Peace in a Nuclear World
Our Ecosystem and the Threats to it
Science, Scientific Method and Promotion of Scientific Temper