Checklist as per Listing Agreement and SEBI regulations


Checklist as per Listing Agreement:


Listing Agreement (Stock Exchange)

1 Unaudited Quarterly Statements Within 45 days of the end of quarter
2 Limited Review Report Within 45 days of the end of quarter
3 Audited Financial Results along with audit report Within 60 days of end of last quarter/financial year or as usual
4 Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Within 30days of the end of quarter
5 Distribution Schedule

–          Top100 shareholders

–          Clause 41

–          Clause 35

Within 21 days of the end of quarter
6 Notice of Board Meeting to the Stock Exchange At least 7 days
7 Press release for Board Meeting

( Eng + Hindi )

At least 7 days
8 Quarterly Compliance Report on Corporate Governance under clause-49 Within 15 days of end of the quarter.


9 Annual Compliance Report on Corporate Governance under clause-49 Before the date of Director’s Report and included in Annual Report
10 Management Discussion and Analysis Report Included in Annual Report
11 Submission of Financial Results Immediately after the Board Meeting
12 Six copies of Annual Report After Annual General Meeting
13 Certificate regarding issue of all Share Certificates under clause-47C Within one month of each half year
14 Intimation regarding change in Director, Secretary, Auditors etc Promptly

Substantial acquisition of shares and Takeover

1  Information as per regulation 8(3) Within 30 days from the end of financial year

Prohibition of Insider Trading, Regulations

1 Disclosure of Shareholding by Director’s/designated employee/ dependants under regulation 13(3) and 13(6) Within 2 days of the receipt of intimation